Woodworking for Beginners

    Welcome to Woodworking for Beginners . Follow us as we build gun cabinets and glaze kitchen cabinets. As well as how to use glaze coat bar top epoxy and do a high gloss finish. To summarize we hope you can build on what we have done. In the hope that you use our site to come up with your own ideals. Please keep in mind that we are not professional web site builders not to mention video makers.

Woodworking for Beginners YONICO ROUTER BIT REVIEWS

woodworking for beginners  YONICO ROUTER BIT REVIEWS. Our review is based on actual use. We used 4 different bits 2 small  and 2 larger bits all 4 are 1/2″ shank. Lets start with the price, on a scale of 1 – 5  (5 being the best) we give them a 3. On quality we would have to give them a 2. on the larger bits and a 3 on the smaller bits.

Now let me explain the rating on the price, they are a lot cheaper than name brand, but we rated price verses quality. In spite of the price we don’t think the cost is worth the over all quality of the bits. We are not pleased at all with them and rather pay more for a higher quality bit. And will not buy them again. In other words the money spent on all four would have paid for one or two quality bits from other name brands. This review is based on the bits we ordered and may have been a bad batch.

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Woodworking for Beginners How to Make a Country Kitchen Island

Woodworking for Beginners    A short YouTube  video on making a country Kitchen Island. Using barley twist legs from knotty pine that we make and great for a small kitchen. Generally speaking a great do it yourself wood project. We will be making a plans page soon. So don’t forget to bookmark us.




Woodworking for Beginners   This gun cabinet holds 12 scoped bolt action rifles. And with the extended height you will be able to hold those long guns. And still add a shelf over top if you like. It has two glass doors on top and three draws and two doors on the bottom. You will be able to store ammo, cleaning equipment as well as hunting gear or reloading equipment. This gun cabinet is made out of knotty pine and will work well with any country decor. In addition a great woodworking project for the avid shooter or sportsman and you will be proud to display.

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How To Glaze Cabinets

Woodworking for Beginners    Glazing your cabinets is a fairly simple process, as long as you find the right method for you. The problem most glazing methods have is that they turn the lighter colors darker than desired; the method we utilize, however, is one of the best and especially suited for painted light color cabinets.

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Woodworking for Beginners Duplicator machine

Woodworking for Beginners Here’s a duplicator machine I made. It duplicates table legs, and by putting in a small table it can do flat work as well. Generally speaking this will allow us to duplicate the same product over and over. If you look you will see four wooden gears in the front. The small gear on the left is an indexing gear. And this is used to position the work piece to match the piece being copied. We made these wooden gears and they work well for now.

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Home Improvement Ideal

Woodworking for BeginnersJust a few Home Improvement Ideals that we wanted to share with you. Staining an old brick fire place and installing crown molding the easy way. And installing over head storage. Not to mention ceiling improvements using architecture molding.

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 Woodworking for Beginners Tools

Woodworking for Beginners

   The tools you need will be based on what you want to make with this in mind. One of the first thing is to decide what you want to build. And then how you plan on building it. A good first woodworking project is some type of box using one or more of the joints we talked about. Or try to make something with the tools you have. If you don’t have woodworking tools, than it’s time to list some tools you are going to need.

Regardless of what you choose, you’re going to need a good saw. after all it’s a little difficult to do woodworking without one. I would suggest a small bench top table saw. After pricing a few and looking at some reviews. Then decide if you want to use hand saw or a power saw or even a table saw. Then you need a good tape measure and a good square. Tip on the square, get one from an office supply store. The plastic drafting square there easy to lie out and mark wood with and are more accurate.

Selecting the right tools

 In addition you need to pick the tools you will need. For the type of wood joints you’re going to use. Provided that you’ve seen our wood joinery page you should have an ideal of what tools you will need.  Now what type of glue you’re going to use? I like to use Titebond, it’s a good yellow glue and bonds well I think you will like it. It comes in several grades so read the label to find one that will work for you.  Now it’s time to clamp it up; this is one item you will need a lot of. There are a lot of styles and sizes to pick from. And get ones that can be used for different projects that you want to do. Buy what you need for this project, you can build up as you go. Whatever tools you buy, always read the safety manual.

So let’s recap, you need a saw, tape measure, square. Tools to make the joint you want, glue, clamps (4 or more).
Let’s not forget eye and hearing protection. To summarize the more you can do by hand the better you will be at woodworking. All things considered the skill is in the woodworker not the tools. In conclusion and with that being said the tools just make it easier.