Cat Tree Plans

How to make A Cat Tree

cat tree plans  Cat tree plans with a 4’ x 2’ base this cat tree will handle many cats at one time. This Cat Tree will outlast any store-bought models and is easy to build and for half the cost. If you’re handy with woodworking tools then feel free to use our cat tree plans. As we show you how to build a cat tree. This cat tree has two 6′ high cat towers and its 4′ wide and 2′ deep. 7 platforms and 2 or 3 cat condos. You can build one just like it or change it to fit the needs of your cat. We can build this cat tree for you or you can use theses cat tree plans to make one yourself. You will not find another cat tree like this for the money. ​

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  You can cut most of the wood with a circular saw. But you will need a miter saw for the trim ( hand or Power), screw driver and staple gun for carpet.


2 – 4″ x 4″ x 3′ post . 1- 4″ x 4″ x 5′ post / 2- 4″ x 4″ x 6′ post
3 – 4 x 8 x 3/4  Ply/ if for exterior use treated.
3- 8′ pc trim of your choice
Carpet this will depend on how much you want to cover
Hardware 22 pc  3″ flat head wood screws. And 50 -2″ – 4″ x 4″ x 3′ post . 1- 4″ x 4″ x 5′ post / 2- 4″ x 4″ x 6′ post
3 – 4 x 8 x 3/4  Ply/ if for exterior use treated.
3- 8′ pc trim of your choice
Carpet this will depend on how much you want to cover
Hardware 22 pc  3″ flat head wood screws and 50 -2″


  Most of the cutting you will do can be made with a circular saw and a fence guide.  Cutting the platform for the second floor you will need to notch out for the back posts.  When your marking to cut the center top platform. Mark a center line on the front. Then mark one foot on each side of the mark to get your two foot. Then at each end mark up 3 1/2 “. Draw a line from this mark to the two foot mark on both sides. And this will give you your angel cut.




   When attaching the post to the base, use 3″ flat head wood screws and put two in each post. When making this to go outside then use stainless or galvanized. Start by attaching the two 6′ back post on each end. And use two 3″ flat head wood screws on each post. Then attach the back support by using 3- 2″ flat head wood screw on each post. You can use more but use no less than three. Then attach the two 3′ post the same way. The center post will be placed center of the 48″. And 10″ from the edge of the base to the edge of the post. Then stand up.



  When measuring the high, every level is one foot higher than the next for each of the cat perch.
Second floor: measure one foot up on each post then attach the support braces. This will be to screw down the floor. Make sure the braces are flush to the top of the two side panels.






  Front post platforms: Attach platform to post using 2″ screws and angel facing back and to the center. Do both front post this way. Then you will need to make a support that will attach to the center post. And go under each platform 2″. If you don’t want to use the center brace then center the platform. But the cats will have more of a gap to jump. Watch this may not work if you have older or larger cats.



  Center post platform: place one foot higher than the platforms on the front post and you will need to install two braces 8″ long on both sides of the post. Then fasten the platform to it.

  Top center floor: You will need to attach braces to the inside of each of the back post. Place them the same height as the top of the center post. The floor will sit on the top of the center post in the center. And on the braces on both sides.


Top Platforms:

  Place to center and flush to the back of post, you will need to add one brace to the inside of each  post 8″ long and fasten down with 2″ wood screws.





  Cat Tree Condos

You will need to measure to make the condos and you can make them the size you want.
We made the top  a 10 3/4 top” wide and one foot tall by 24″ long. When you make the top. Make sure it sits on top of the side and leave two inches on each side of the door.  Bottom condo:  Are three sides with doors at each end. Keep at least 2″ on each side of the doors and top. When measuring the three sides: let the top of the floor overhang 1-2″.

Trim: you don’t have to use any trim. You can do a full wrap of carpet to cover the sides as well as the bottom. If you want to use trim you can buy or use 1″ x 2″ and stain them. If you are using trim put it 1/2″ to 3/4” higher than the wood. This is so it will boarder the carpet.



Now you’re ready for the carpet and it takes more than you would think. A 12 x 9 should cover it, but buy something that you can get more of if you need it. When you’re doing the carpet use 1/2″ staples to fasten the carpet down with. Or the cats will tear it loose. And you will need to use a punch  to tap the staples down tight. So the cats claws will not get caught in them.  When making a cat tree always think about the safety of your pets.
Tip : if you wrap the front post with sisal rope you can make them into scratching posts

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