High Gloss Finish


High Gloss FinishAchieving a High Gloss Finish. Most will require an elaborate spraying equipment and dust free rooms. With this in mind not with this method. To put it another way the finish you see was done on top of my work bench with dust all around it. Once you do it a few times you may not go back to conventional ways. I have done this for  with larger piece and small, they all turned out great. When you’re done you will have a High Gloss Finish that anyone would be proud of.

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Sanding the Wood

Let us start by finish sanding the wood with 220 grit sandpaper or finer. And then dust with a clean cloth. I then apply a sanding sealer.I use Deft sanding sealer. See Notes below After sanding back to the wood. I start applying the High Gloss. Then Used Deft High Gloss. Sanding with 220 grit on the first and second coats. If you sand it down to the wood do not worry. The first and second coats are leveling or filler coats. This helps get rid of the pours and makes for a flat finish. This is the first step in achieving a High Gloss Finish. 

Key point here is always use sand paper with a block on these steps. The block will keep you from rounding the edges, and I don’t use steel wool until the last coat.  As your sanding look at it from an angle to see any pours or dimples. They will show up as bright spots. Another key point is to keep repeating these steps until all the dimples are gone. Apply another coat but this time use 320 grit to sand down. Key point here is do not apply a lot of pressure when sanding. For fear that this will cause the sand paper to load up and embed dust into the finish. In fact this will be seen in a high gloss finish.

Then apply one more coat this time I sand with 400 grit. After sanding I inspect the finish, if there are no defects I apply the last coat. But this time use #0000 steel wool, and rub down lightly.  By now you should have achieved a High Gloss Finish, but there’s one more step.


Pick you up some car polishing compound in the cream one that will remove 1500 grit scratches. Rub it on thick then let dry, see picture to the right. After it dries use a clean soft cloth and rub it out. This will give it the High Gloss glass looking shine; just make sure you get the polish out of the profile it is hard to get out when it dries. I like using a tooth brush to help get it out of the profiles. Apply some wax to help protect your high gloss finish. The rubbing compound should work with any lacquer, I like Deft lacquer because it has a fast drying time.  If you need any help  E-Mail me. Just mark it High Gloss Finish.​



Sanding sealer in this case is used to fill the pores in the wood faster. Not to mention it will cut down on how many coats you will need to finish your project. You should not need it on wood like walnut and cherry. And if you’re wanting an open grain or a pores look. For example like what’s on most furniture today. You will not need sanding sealer at all. But when doing the High Gloss Finish, it will cut down on the amount of coats you will need. You should only use one or two coats then sand back down to the wood. For one thing  never use this as a build up and always sand back down to the wood. Then you can start to add you finish.​