Kids Chairs

Kids Chairs

Kids ChairsThis style of kids chairs are very easy to make and will not cost you a lot of money. If you are wanting a rustic look then this will work nice for you. Then used a good walnut stain or a stain that you like.
You can glue and clamp them together or you can use pocket screws and reduce the glue up time. Either way we found both ways works fine.

this works well with the Activity Table Plans




All wood used are 2 1/2″ wide and knotty pine. To make sanding easier we recommend using a round over bit on all edges before cutting to size. This way you will not have so much sanding when finished.








Glue up the front legs of the kids chairs. If you like you can use pocket screws on the back or inside side. This will speed up drying times.






The back and legs of the kids chairs are one piece. And if you use pocket screws then you will need to put plugs in the holes. Because they will be exposed.






After the apron is attached to the back you now attach the front legs to the front of the apron. Then attach the back and side apron. The top of the apron will be 11″ to the bottom. This height works well for most kids.







The kids chair finished frame. As you can see the screws on the front of the legs are exposed. This adds to the rustic look when finish. Make sure you counter sink the screw holes so the top of the screws are flush.










Place the slats for the seat on the chair frame. Drill a pilot hole for the screws and counter sink them. Then we used a 1/2″ dowel rod for a spacer between the slats. Shoot the screws in to the chair frame and make sure the screws are flush . Now the chair is ready for stain.