Woodworking Plans

Woodworking Plans

    The Woodworking Plans and project page. Most plans and projects are for the beginning and intermediate woodworker. We want to show, that you do not have to be a professional
woodworker to be able to make nice things. We like to make things that you can make in most small wood shops. That do not have a lot of big machinery.
If you are new to woodworking take a look at our Wood Joinery page.  We show some of the joints you need to know how to make.

Furniture  Woodworking Plans

Blanket Chest Plans

A raised panel blanket chest can be used as a toy chest as well. Using locking miter joint, dado joint and rabbet joint. This project will help tune your joinery skills. And at the same time give you a beautiful piece of furniture that you can pass on to future generations.

Cat Tree Plans

   This cat tree / condo are large enough for many cats at once. And will handle large cats as well, with two condos and seven platforms. This cat tree measures 6” tall 4” wide and 2” deep. If you love your cats then this cat tree is a must have. We have this cat tree for you or one custom made with your design.

Coat Rack Plans

Flat style coat rack is an easy woodworking project for the home or office. And requires few tools. A quick and easy project for the new woodworker. Takes about 2 hr. to complete. 

Draw Organizer

 A great weekend project, this dresser drawer dividers are great to organize socks or under garments. And when made with cedar will give a nice smell at the same time.

Gun cabinet Plans

   This gun cabinet holds 12 scoped bolt action rifles. And with the extended height you will be able to hold those long guns. And still add a shelf over top if you like. It has two glass doors on top and three draws and two doors on the bottom. You will be able to store ammo, cleaning equipment as well as hunting gear or reloading equipment. This gun cabinet is made out of knotty pine and will work well with country décor. A great woodworking project for the avid shooter or sportsman and you will be proud to display. A new video on how to make this gun cabinet.


    Make this solid oak kitchen cup shelf, a great addition to any country kitchen. You can display coffee cups and other kitchen decor.

Kitchen Cabinet Plans

     Plans on building kitchen cabinets from how to build a cabinet base to making to the face frame. See how easy it is when using pocket screws to assemble the base and to make the face frames.

Kitchen Island Plans

woodworking plansPlans on making country kitchen island. Ideal for anyone with a small kitchen or someone that is tight on space. I think you will enjoy these plans and above all it is easy to make.



 Kids Furniture Woodworking Plans

Activity Table

The activity table can be used to draw, paint, do crafts; you can even use it for children’s lunch table. Easy to make and not a lot of tools needed. Will accommodate 6 children at one time. When used with our storage benches on the sides a plain chairs at each end. Well built and will hold up to years of abuse.
This activity table can be made in one weekend. And you do not need a lot of woodworking skills to be able to make this a nice kids table. Can be stained or painted to fit the decor of the room it will go in.

Doll Crib Plans

A large doll crib for the child with a lot of dolls. And has a large storage area for children 8 yrs. and up. It has plenty of space to put a lot of dolls and have storage underneath.

Kids Chairs 

Woodworking plans that is easy to make. A simple kids chair

Toy Box Plans

This toy box is simple to make. And can be used as a blanket chest or just a plain storage chest. With its rustic old fashion looks. It would look good in any room. And will make a great weekend project if you choose to make one yourself. We will walk you through the steps we used to make it. And tell you some different ways to do some of the steps. With a few tools anyone can make this toy box. The one shown was made using pocket screws then added a liner over them. Can be painted or stained to match the room it will go in.

Storage Bench Plans

Storage bench, great for young children to do crafts, draw , paint.

Wood shop Woodworking Plans

Workbench Plans

This workbench has a top that is 3″ thick and will hold up to years of abuse, hammering, clamping, gluing. It’s made mainly out of 2 x 4s with the shelf made with 1/2″ or 3/4″ plywood. So you could call it your 2 x 4 workbench. Can be made in one day and without a lot of tools.
We now have PDF Download for the Garage Workbench Plans

Band-saw Fence Plans

This is a T Square Style band saw fence. That make set up fast and easy on a small band saw. We made this out of some scrap oak and hickory we had lying around the shop. If you do a lot of cutting on the band saw then you will like this.

Table Saw Sled Plans

Make this combination miter and cross cut table saw sled. Great for small projects and small wood shops, get the best of both and it’s easy to make.


Duplicator Plans


Drafting Table Plans

Small drafting table that will fit on a desk or table, the leg will fold in for easy storage.   Easy woodworking plans for the beginner.

Taper Jig Plans

At times you will have a project that requires you to cut tapers. We will show you how we made a simple and cheap taper jig that’s easy to use.

Tool Cabinet Plans

  This is a two door wall cabinet to keep your tools handy, made out of plywood and pocket screws. We made this one for under $50; you can use solid wood if you want a higher grade. This would make a great project for someone just starting in woodworking. It’s very easy to make and cheap to make.