This is our Yonico router bit review. We ordered three router bits med and a two larger bits. And as soon as they came in we started cutting. They were as cheap of a price as you can get. And we where hoping they would be a good bit. With the high price of router bits these days. It would be nice save a little money.



YONICO ROUTER BIT REVIEWSThe first thing I saw when open the package was the bearing on top was bad and could not be used. Not a problem I will be using the fence for this bit, so I removed the bearing. Once installed and the fence set , I turned on the router. The vibration was very bad, tried different speeds and nothing help. I tried it anyway, after the third pass the chatter was bad and the piece was scrap. Other than the bearing being bad I saw no defect that would cause this much vibration, just a bad bit. I would not recommend the larger bits at all.





23/32 RADIUS CONVEX # 13102 /JEWELRY BOX FOOT # 18135

YONICO ROUTER BIT REVIEWSAfter inspecting the bearing and seen all was OK I set up and start cutting. Both bits cut good not as smooth as some of the name brands but workable . Had a little clean up on the pieces I cut but not to bad. Very little vibration. If your on a budget you can get by with the smaller bits, just make sure you inspect the bearings before use.








YONICO ROUTER BIT REVIEWSAfter inspecting the bearing and seen that it was good, I set up and started to cut. Had some vibration but not as bad as the jewelry box side bit after three passes the work piece had a lot of chatter but still usable after some clean up. Not as good as I was hoping for. For now I think I will stay away from the larger bits, they are to hard to work with.